One generation plants the tree; another gets the shade.  ~Chinese Proverb~





The Bent Creek Community Park is a safe, open gathering place located in the heart of the Bent Creek Community. It is intended to serve residents of the greater Bent Creek area: Bent Creek, Forest Edge, and South Oaks neighborhoods, Pole Creasman and Wesley Branch roads, and surrounding areas.

The park, which is just over 20 acres, contains large, clean, open areas and a covered pavilion where wonderful community gatherings and events take place. We have a full basketball court, community garden, large playground, sandbox, paved roller area, bicycle pump track, trails, volleyball, playing fields, and more.

All of this is the result of a grassroots effort that started in 2001. Friends and neighbors came together to clean and revitalize the overgrown and dilapidated area that once was home to the amazing Bent Creek Lodge and all it’s amenities. With the encouragement and help of Buncombe County Parks and Recreations, from whom we lease this land, we were able to clean up this property. Community and neighbors worked together and created something that truly enhances our community and our home values, while offering a wonderful place for children to play, and neighbors and families to gather. It has truly nurtured the sense of community that can be difficult to find in this day and age.

Our success was made possible through the hard work, time, energy and financial support of our own residents, local corporate citizens, and Asheville GreenWorks, under whose non profit umbrella we function. It is solely by the contributions of our time, efforts, energy and money that we are able to develop and maintain the Bent Creek Community Park – a place that we are all proud of.





The Board of Directors is composed entirely of Bent Creek area residents, and meets from February to October in order to make decisions and share information pertaining to the park. The resident nominations and elections of Board Members occurs yearly, and we encourage all to become involved. Board meetings are open to all who wish to attend, please contact for more information.



Board of Directors 2016-2017:


President:   Caleb Coaplen

Vice President:   Ryan Bell

Treasurer:   Carolyn Farris

Secretary:   Tara Horan

Community Liaison:   John Kiffmeyer






Each year the park turns over the board of directors to newly elected leaders to carry on the mission of ‘Building a Better Community Through Work and Play’. The park board is devoted to the continued health and growth of the community we live in. Investing your time and energy into the park is an investment in the future of the community you live in – a feature that adds so much value and character to this community.

Serving on the board leads to stronger relations with your community and gives you an opportunity to influence the ways in which the park sustains and grows. Place your name on the ballot, and encourage others who value community service and might like the opportunity to assist in our park’s ability to serve this community. Please consider carrying the torch for a one year commitment – we know that you will find the rewards in service to this community that others have.


Park Board By-Laws


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