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Helping out in the park is a great way to get to know your neighbors better and develop deeper ties to your community! There is always a project just waiting for someone to step up and say ‘I can do that!’. Look out for park emails and Facebook posts to hear about upcoming events and ways that you can help. If you are interested in becoming involved let us know by submitting this form.




Here are some ways you can be involved:


Help with Park Parties and Events

Mowing, Grounds Maintenance and Workdays

Serve as Board and/or Committee Member

Lend a hand with Fundraising Events




All hands on deck! 2012

The parking lot project… a great example of what we can do when we work together…


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Made in the shade! 2015

Thanks to the actions of a few good men, we have the shade needed to keep the mommas cool and happy…




Serving on the Board of Directors

Each year the park turns over the board of directors to newly elected leaders to carry on the mission of ‘Building a Better Community Through Work and Play’. The park board is devoted to the continued health and growth of the community we live in. Investing your time and energy into the park is an investment in the future of the community you live in – a feature that adds so much value and character to this community.
Serving on the board leads to stronger relations with your community and gives you an opportunity to influence the ways in which the park sustains and grows. Place your name on the ballot, and encourage others who value community service who might like the opportunity to assist in our park’s ability to serve this community. Please consider carrying the torch for a one year commitment -we know that you will find the rewards in service to this community that others have.


Do you have what it takes? (The answer is YES!)


It will prove you have what it takes to be on the board!

 Aptitude test for board membership 


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